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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Anticipation!!!

Hi, everyone!

Is anyone else out there old enough to remember the Heinz commercial featuring the Carly Simon song "Anticipation"? Well, I'm guilty as charged. LOL

And, as I age, I've come to really appreciate the joy that anticipation can bring.

Several years ago, when I purchased a ticket to the first Simon Says CREATE event, I basked in the anticipation leading up to the big event. Countless work lunches were spent talking about the weekend's itinerary with crafting buddy Mary Anne... including the classes scheduled with crafting rock stars Tim, and Jennifer, and Sandy. When I was telling my dad about the event, he commented that he couldn't remember the last time that he was this excited about something happening.

Turns out there's another Simon Says CREATE event this weekend. Even though I didn't purchase a ticket for the event, Mary Anne and I are headed up to the on-site store... and hoping to make a few make-n-takes, to check out a demo or two. And, yes, I'm feeling just a bit of anticipation.  :)

That's it for tonight. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Yes, I remember that commercial. Just gave away my age, didn't I? Lol. You and your friend have fun at the demos!