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Thursday, June 15, 2017

So Tired... and Very Thankful

Yep, I am so tired that I considered skipping today's Thankful Thursday post. But, then I realized I should share the reason for my tiredness.

You see it wasn't that long ago that I would've been exhausted from: getting up at 4:30, being on the road/highway by 5:15, turning on my work computer by 6, not leaving the office until 6:30 or 7... and then putting in a couple of more hours at home on what seemed like a never-ending project.

Tonight, I'm tired from: going for a walk, doing a little cleaning, talking to my dad, going out to lunch with hubby, working the reading program prize table at our local library, attending the library's brown bag book club meeting, spending a little time crafting in the menopause room, grabbing a quick dinner bite with hubby, returning to the library to help out with an evening activity, catching up on the day's news, and then visiting W2CB DT blogs.

Boy, what a difference retirement makes.  :)

That's it for tonight. Have a nice evening!

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