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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Hi, everyone!

Seems like forever since I wrote a Thankful Thursday post. I either forgot it was post day altogether or didn't remember until late in the evening when I was dog tired. But, tonight I made a point of remembering... for a pretty special reason.

Over the holidays, my dear 94-year-old father-in-law fell. It was a full day before we knew. (Turns out those alert buttons don't do a whole lot of good if your loved one isn't wearing his/hers.) So, we've been working to ensure he's getting the care he needs while facilitating the logistics of several moves: apartment to hospital, hospital to rehab, rehab to assisted living. We are so very thankful that my father-in-law is responding well to his medical care while adjusting to his new living arrangements.

So, tonight I'm thankful for:

  • wonderful emergency responders,
  • supportive caregivers... including amazing nurses,
  • one really kind, dedicated cardiologist,
  • professional movers,
  • family friends who have made it a point to visit my father-in-law in his new residence, 
  • hubby's leave-no-stone-unturned determination to get the best care possible,
  • my father-in-law's resilience and positive attitude!

Hope to see you tomorrow with a couple of chickie cards. Until then, thanks for stopping and happy scrappin'!

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  1. Sybrina, I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL's fall. Hopefully he rehabs quickly!