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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Banner Day for SAS4Kids

Hi, everyone!

I've been gone quite a bit these last couple of months and haven't had a chance to share the wonderful SAS4Kids cards that I've received for Nationwide Children's.

So, here are some works-of-heart sent in for SAS4Kids. My sincerest thanks to Katie, Lee Mae, Celeste, Patricia, Maranda, Penny, Kathy, and Caroline. And, a special thanks to Janet Bailey for a huge favor.  :)

One quick note, Katie Cho is a fourteen year old who is already reaching out to those in need. As a former teacher, it's always warms my heart to see kids helping other kids.

So, it looks like I have plenty of cards for a couple more boxes of cards for Nationwide Children's. Think I'll head up to the menopause room and get started on my next box. :)

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping and happy scrappin'!


  1. Thank you Sybrina for featuring my friend Becky and my cards!

  2. Wowsers, these all look amazing!
    Congrats on your Top 5 place over at Eureka Stamps!
    Dawn xx